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Witnesses & Documents Wanted
If you have knowledge of any deceptive or fraudulent business practices in the automotive industry, we'd like to hear from you. Information from fact witnesses is helpful, but supporting company documents are usually required before a particular scam can be exposed. Please contact us if you're a fact witness or you have incriminating company documents. (Tips can be made anonymously, but they're not taken as seriously as ones that can be verified. And don't send us your original documents, as they will not be returned. Copies only, please.)

How to Contact Us
Tips and letters may be sent by email or US mail; company documents must be sent by regular mail (or courier) to our office. If you decide to identify yourself, be sure to include your name, address and phone number. Informants' identities will be protected. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, send your letter and/or documents anyway, without your name and address. For regular mail, UPS or FedEx delivery, use the following address:

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