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How To Buy A Car

This series of short videos will provide an overview of the process that smart shoppers use to buy new cars at huge discounts. For more detailed information, be sure to see our How To Buy A New Car page.

NEW! Watch our newest video - How To Buy New Cars Below Dealer Invoice - over at YouTube by clicking on this link.

How To Buy A Car, Part 1

Part 1 of How To Buy A Car covers the research phase, what smart shoppers do before buying a car.


How To Buy A Car, Part 2

Part 2 of How To Buy A Car covers invoice prices, dealer cost on new cars, and the easy way to negotiate big discounts. The video mentions getting lots of free price quotes for the new car you want, so you can start negotiating with the dealers who have the lowest prices. Here are the best free quote services: Edmunds,, and CarsDirect. Be sure to get quotes from all three services. Some will provide quotes from multiple dealers, so you might end up with 8-10 quotes.


How To Buy A Car, Part 3

Part 3 of How To Buy A Car covers the "packed payments" trick, negotiating with a trade-in, and why you should beware of the finance and insurance office.


Upcoming Videos

Our next video will cover How to lease a car; Should you lease or buy?


We hope you enjoyed our How To Buy A Car video series. To learn how to save money on car loans, auto insurance, extended warranties and more, be sure to visit our New Car Buying Tips page.


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